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I guess we’re just completely “over” the whole Constitution thing by now.

As a bonus: the Senate is currently debating whether or not to repeal prohibitions against torture.

Literally voting on something that’s an international war crime. Hooray America.


Jesus world

I am so ready to not live in this country anymore. 

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    how will this affect people of color? answer here.
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    Thank-you, U.S. It takes effort to make Canadian politics look sane, in comparison, these days but you’re still making...
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    Ah. The vision of America’s Revolution against itself is coming into view. People against a corrupt and crazy...
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    Oh this shit actually passed? Wow. Bring on the racial/ethnic/religious profiling.
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    here’s a link to the ACLU’s blog about it, which gives a little more concrete info. this is fucked up.
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    Damn us commies. …wait a second….
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    -le sigh-
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    ohh if only our founding fathers were here to see this -.-
  19. skeletontrash said: The fuck.
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    Fuck this shit I’m moving to Canada.
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    Everyone to Canada!
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    I can’t believe how stupid this is. I just, why.
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    Way to go America *heavy sarcasm*
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    Well…america is kinda fucked up.
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    good thing that whole “running a functioning country” thing was just a phase. now on to real business.
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